Pen of the Day: Pelikan M600 Pink

Pelikan M600 Pink fountain pen

Pelikan M600 Pink with fine nib. What could be more springy than the Pink Pelikan?  Probably only filling the Pink Pelikan with pink ink. Now that’s turning spring up to 11.

Pelikan M600 Pink fountain pen and Diamine Carnation ink

I think Diamine Carnation is a perfect spring pink.

Pelikan M600 Pink fountain pen

The pen is really a raspberry sort of pink. But not an actual raspberry:  it’s like a raspberry pink dye. Raspberry-colored shiny plastic product. Raspberry-flavored hard candy.

And let’s not forget the Pink Pelikan comes in the Box of Bad Taste.

So I think the Pink Pelikan goes to 11 all by itself, really.


Finding Inks for Lamy’s Charged Green Al-Star


Being an unreconstructed fan of the Broadway musical — aka a total nerd — I really wanted to title this, “How do you solve a problem like the Lamy Charged Green Al-Star?” But, yeah, few will know what I’m talking about.  And those who do will shake their heads.

So, here’s the issue.  As our commentator Elizabeth noted, Lamy’s Charged Green ink isn’t perhaps the greatest match for the new Charged Green Al-Star.  It’s a little light in color and it’s a little too green.  Though as an ink I like it, personally.  I’m totally into light green ink.  I grabbed a few for this post.

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One Minute Ink Review: Diamine Bach


Diamine Bach. Last month was Mozart’s birthday, so I did a one minute ink review of Diamine Mozart ink, here. Bach is another ink from Diamine’s music set, and another lovely dark reddish brown. Bach, the ink, is darker than Mozart.

An everyday ink?  Yes, it could be, for me.  I love a dark brown.

Here is a comparison with Bach on the left and Mozart on the right.  When you put them in the same pen, they look very close in color. Sometimes I can hardly tell them apart.


One Minute Ink Review: Diamine Carnation


Diamine Carnation. The January “birth flower” is the carnation, and today happens to be the twelfth birthday of Tara, a beloved family member, albeit of the Labrador Retriever persuasion. Diamine Carnation is a great ink to bring birthday cheer, being a sprightly pink that’s surprisingly legible and unsurprisingly happy.

An everyday ink? I suspect that if we all used Diamine Carnation daily, the world would be a better place.

Inks Chris Bought in 2015


I asked my friend Chris what inks she had purchased in 2015.  I was tickled, and relieved, that not only did she buy the same number of inks as I did, but she enjoyed some of the same brands. Here is her report.

I decided I had plenty of ink when 2015 began. Enough ink to last me another two lifetimes. I made a resolution that I wouldn’t buy more ink until I emptied at least one bottle. That resolution was never going to work. I’ve never completely emptied a bottle of ink in forty years, so why would I think I might do that now?

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Pen of the Day: Sailor Professional Gear Kanreki


Sailor Professional Gear Kanreki with fine nib.  This is another favorite.  The Kanreki was designed to celebrate the 60th birthday of one Sailor’s nib designers.  It features three different red colors — cherry red for the pen body, a plummy red for the cap and deep burgundy at the ends.


As a special edition, the Kanreki come with a 21k nib.  Mine features Sailor’s precise, ultra-thin fine nib.


Diamine Red Dragon ink works so well in the Kanreki that I almost always pair the two.  I like variety, generally.  But it’s hard to pass up such a perfect pair.