Inks Chris Bought in 2015


I asked my friend Chris what inks she had purchased in 2015.  I was tickled, and relieved, that not only did she buy the same number of inks as I did, but she enjoyed some of the same brands. Here is her report.

I decided I had plenty of ink when 2015 began. Enough ink to last me another two lifetimes. I made a resolution that I wouldn’t buy more ink until I emptied at least one bottle. That resolution was never going to work. I’ve never completely emptied a bottle of ink in forty years, so why would I think I might do that now?

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2 thoughts on “Inks Chris Bought in 2015

  1. Nice to meet you too. The tall bottles were used by Bung Box and Pen & Message that Sailor make inks for, but either most or all of the inks are being sold in the squat ordinary bottles now. It’s a shame.


  2. Hi Chrissy, nice to meetcha 🙂 The Sailor Jentle has a gorgeous bottle! I have just one sailor jentle ink (apricot – a juicy, sunny orange-yellow) but it’s in this rather more ordinary bottle. What gives? I feel cheated!

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