Pen of the Day: Sailor Professional Gear Kanreki


Sailor Professional Gear Kanreki with fine nib.  This is another favorite.  The Kanreki was designed to celebrate the 60th birthday of one Sailor’s nib designers.  It features three different red colors — cherry red for the pen body, a plummy red for the cap and deep burgundy at the ends.


As a special edition, the Kanreki come with a 21k nib.  Mine features Sailor’s precise, ultra-thin fine nib.


Diamine Red Dragon ink works so well in the Kanreki that I almost always pair the two.  I like variety, generally.  But it’s hard to pass up such a perfect pair.

4 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Sailor Professional Gear Kanreki

  1. That pen is a thing of beauty… and very nice photo’s. I think Sailor is really setting the bar for other manufacturers these days, in terms of their designs, quality (especially their nibs), and their overall performance.

    I’m going to scroll back up and look at those pictures again… that nib looks amazing.


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    1. It’s the greatest. And actually I think I got very lucky with that nib — I’ve had others, even from Sailor, and while Sailor is consistent, this fine nib just has something special. It’s the best Japanese fine nib I’ve ever had (again, even from Sailor). I bought it used, too, so double lucky. 🙂

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