Inks Chris Bought in 2015


I don’t keep very good records of what inks I buy, so I’m not even sure I know exactly how many I bought. Therefore, what I’m going to do is mention a few highlights.

I sold several bottles of ink on eBay. In fact I bought some ink with the idea of selling it on eBay.

Here are some of the inks I purchased in 2015:

Caran d’Ache Colours of the Earth:  (6) Blue Sky, Caribbean Sea, Grand Canyon, Saffron, Sunset, Storm. I bought several duplicates of these and sold some. I’ve kept at least one of each colour. I have tried some of them, but the main reason I bought them was because I love the bottles and I made an effort to get them at reasonable prices.

Diamine: (6) Regency Blue, Safari, Tchaikovsky, Red Dragon, Steel Blue, Deep Dark Orange (Cult Pens) In my defence, I buy most of my Diamine inks when they are on offer. When UK online sellers have discount days, I usually buy a bottle of ink. These are the notable ones I bought. I also bought others.

J. Herbin:  (2) Lierre Sauvage, 1670 Emerald of Chivor. I bought Lierre Sauvage because many say it’s a really good green. I reviewed Emerald of Chivor for J. Herbin. In my humble opinion, it’s a notable ink.

Kaweco:  (3) Paradise Blue, Earth Brown and Palm Green cartridges. We did some turquoise ink testing and found that Paradise Blue was a good alternative for Caran d’Ache Caribbean Sea. So there was a good reason to buy that one. The cartridges were also for testing.

Montblanc:  (4) Hitchcock, Pink, Tolstoy, Da Vinci Red Chalk. I try to buy every Montblanc LE ink. I bought the Hitchcock in the US, and Montblanc Tampa boutique sent me the Pink as a gift.

Omas: (1) Amerigo Vespucci Red. I always wanted this ink, and it was very cheap. Someone on Fountain Pen Network kindly bought it from their local stationers for me.


Pelikan:  (2) Edelstein Topaz. Edelstein Amber. I loved Topaz when it was a Mystery Ink on Fountain Pen Geeks. I bought Amber while in the US. I love them both.

Sailor: (5) Bung Box 4B and Sweet Potato Purple. Jentle Souten, Yama dori, and Jentle Grenade. I bought both of the Bung Box inks from Vamness Pens. I had always wanted to try SPP. It’s very nice. Sailor UK sent me the bottle of Jentle Grenade after I found it in the Philippines and that store returned it to them.

Stipula: (1) Muschiato Green. I bought this from a fellow FP Geek. It’s lovely. My first ever Stipula ink.

Now I’ve managed to get up to 30 without breaking for a breath. These are the notable inks I bought. I didn’t even mention the Waterman inks I bought from my friend’s jewellers store. Nor the vintage Sheaffer or Parker inks. Nor the almost full bottle of Parker Penman Emerald that I just bought with a fountain pen. In fact there may be others I have completely forgotten.

I also tend to add ‘another bottle’ to get free shipping. That’s a given. Right? Doesn’t everyone do that? I also kind of emptied a bottle – I bought a bottle of Caran d’Ache Carbon Black, because I wanted the bottle to empty my Parker Turquoise cartridges into. So I emptied out the Carbon Black and cleaned out the bottle for that purpose. Well, technically I did. I poured it into a different bottle. There is always next year to cut down on ink.


2 thoughts on “Inks Chris Bought in 2015

  1. Nice to meet you too. The tall bottles were used by Bung Box and Pen & Message that Sailor make inks for, but either most or all of the inks are being sold in the squat ordinary bottles now. It’s a shame.


  2. Hi Chrissy, nice to meetcha 🙂 The Sailor Jentle has a gorgeous bottle! I have just one sailor jentle ink (apricot – a juicy, sunny orange-yellow) but it’s in this rather more ordinary bottle. What gives? I feel cheated!

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