16 thoughts on “Ink Review: Rohrer & Klingner SketchINK Lotte

  1. I thought I remembered a review of these on here! Always nice when the product you’re looking at has already been reviewed by your favourite blogger, since you know how they think and their preference so you can really do a good job figuring out if the product is what you need!

    Besides the black, I bought samples of three of their other darker colors, because sometimes it’s nice to use a dark grey or brown for things like headers (or dates in one of those undated planners where you put in the dates yourself). Let’s see what they look like! In the meantime I’ll be using the info in this review to pick out the right pen to use these somewhat fussy inks in πŸ™‚


  2. This is a great review, thanks Laura! Platinum’s Carbon Black has recently taken over as my favorite black, pushing Sailor’s Kiwa-Guro Nano down the ranks. It’s definitely more waterproof than the Sailor, and is fighting for my pen space with Noodler’s Bad Black Moccasin. I’ve had it in a Platinum Century 3776 medium now for a long while, and whilst it is guilty of a bit of nib creep, it starts writing every time I use it. That may be because of the slip and seal doo-da though.

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    1. Excellent! Yeah I ended up choosing Carbon Black over Kiwa-Guro, too. Now, I think Kiwa-Guro is darker, but I just liked Carbon Black better.

      And I absolutely agree with you on the water-resistance. Platinum Carbon Black and the R&K SketchINK Lotte are completely waterproof. But Kiwa-Guro is only as water-resistant as a normal, dye-based black ink, like Pelikan Brilliant Black. Yeah, I said it. Fight me…. (Not you — someone small and puny whom I could trick into looking the other way as I run away and declare victory.)

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  3. Thank you for this detailed and methodical review. It is good to know that there is a lower cost option to the Sailor Kiwa Guro, although cost is not such an issue for me as one bottle lasts me for ages. Sorry that there is no Laura in the line up though. Major slip up by R&K. ☺

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  4. Nice review and thanks for flagging up an economical option for a permanent black ink. I don’t get through much black ink, so would need to be able to leave it in a pen for a while. Perhaps a trial with something like a Platinum Plaisir is the way to go. Hopefully Platinum’s slip and seal doo-da might help here.

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    1. That’s an interesting thought, and I’m testing that right now, albeit with a different black pigment ink. 😊 I’ve got Carbon Black in my Plaisir, and have since late April. I will definitely put the results up on the blog.

      In fact, I’m very curious about the results of that experiment. So I should get writing with the Plaisir and empty it, huh? I have so many of these inks going, and Platinum cartridges are so large, that it’s still going. 😊 I obviously don’t use black permanent inks much either…. Although maybe because … it’s the *blue* pigment inks I enjoy more! And I just got another to try. πŸ˜†

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        1. I love GvFC ink. I’m actually not big on waterproof inks honestly. Don’t need them. But I like pigment inks and iron gall inks (for other reasons). 😁


          1. I find them a bit on the dry side, but I do have a soft spot for Deep Sea Green. I’m thinking it would make a good match up for the Sailor Pro Gear Ocean. I just have to get the pen! πŸ˜€

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          2. I love a dry ink! It would be a good color match for the Ocean from what I’ve seen online. And I bet Robert Oster would have a few. 😁

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  5. Superbly informative review. Am passing along to an artist friend who uses DeAtramentis Document Black for illustrations that then have watercolor brushed over. This may be an alternative, noting the price. Too bad about the ‘dry-out’, which may or may not be a deal-breaker. You are becoming very blogiferous these days…

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  6. In my opinion this review has everything I’d want to know, and then some. A+++++!
    I love waterproof inks, and this one is something to consider in the future. I’ve never heard of this line of inks before. You really knocked this review right out of the ballpark. Thank you!!!

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