Cool Nib: Pelikan OBB Plus Shimmer


As suggested by a blog reader/genius, I tried Dan’s cool OBB nib with shimmer ink.  What a combination.  This wet and wide nib shows off the best of any ink, and Diamine Blue Pearl (aka, My Favorite Shimmer Ink Ever) is quite an ink.

The great thing about Blue Pearl is how wonderful it looks even when you don’t see the shimmer.  Blue Pearl sheens; Blue Pearl shades; Blue Pearl leaps off the page.


And that’s darn good because we here in Chicago are having non-traditional December weather.  Forget a white Christmas: it’s been a gray pre-Christmas, with suggestions of a temperate rain forest developing.  We have mild temperatures, but it’s all rain and clouds and drear.

Not that I’m complaining.  Beats cold!  But it’s harder to show off inky shimmer without some sort of natural light.

But that’s okay.  Look at that giant nib, applying thick ribbons of deep blue.  I love it.





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