Ink Snippet: Diamine Gerbera

Diamine Gerbera writing sample

As you can see, Diamine Gerbera is a reddish orange with some shading. That reddish tint makes it quite easy to read.

Gerbera is part of the Diamine Flower Set, but Diamine also sells these singly in 30 ml bottles. A friend kindly gave me a sample.

Diamine Gerbera writing sample

I happen to have another orange inked up — and using two orange inks at the same time is a rarity for me. However, my other orange is KWZ Iron Gall Orange, which is to say, not  orange. While there is no question that Iron Gall Orange contains orange dye, the iron gall element makes it more of a golden brown.

Diamine Gerbera and KWZ Iron Gall Orange writing sample

I really like the color of Diamine Gerbera, and I may end up doing a full review. But it’s bettered my life in the short term.  Because, of course, I knew that to fully and accurately evaluate the ink, I needed to do some research into the Gerbera Daisy. For the blog.

I did not go for the predominantly orange Gerbera, but even the yellow ones contain some of that beautiful red-orange. They are really perking up my kitchen.  And I do think it was nice of George Clooney to send them.

Gerbera Daisy

3 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Diamine Gerbera

  1. Love the pen, but the ink isn’t quite mine for some reason. If you want to go more to orange-yellow, try the Noodler’s Apache Sunset. It’s a rather… stubborn ink but with beautiful flow (take blotting paper along. Really!), but the beautiful shading makes up for it. More than up for it. It’s gorgeous.

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