Pen Clutter


I was trying to find my yellow Line Friends Lamy Safari the other day — for the blog, of course.  Instead I found a clown car of pen-related clutter — boxes and boxes of it — all on a tiny shelf.  Which is not my only shelf of pen and ink things.

But I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ve turned over a new leaf.  And that is called: ignorance is bliss. From now on, I’m not going to pay any attention to what’s on my shelves.  Unless something happens to fall on me.  At which time, I’ll shove that item back on the shelf and walk briskly into the other room.  That’s called: just good common sense.

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A Pen Case Just for Kaweco Sports


What is that interesting bit of red and black up there? It’s the coolest leather pen case/pen cup. Michael at MY63 Leather made it just to fit four Kaweco Sports.

Kaweco Sports are mini-pens, smaller than normal when capped, and then normal size when you post them to write with.  But because they are shorter capped, when you put them in a regular pen case or pen cup, they tend to get a little lost in there.

So Michael decided to make a cup or case that fits Kaweco Sports exactly.

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A Peek at the Pen Cup: Deluxe Edition


Look at this gorgeous thing. This is my new pen cup, courtesy of the wonderful and talented Michael of MY63 Leather case fame.

Michael’s handmade leather work is amazing, and he’s branched out from his marvelous pen cases to other beautiful items like leather notebook covers.  I had casually mentioned a pen cup to him, and look what he made.  It is just stunning.

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Thinking About Pen Accessories: Blotting Paper


Blotting paper! I thought the micro-mesh stick was boring. I thought the loupe was dull. But this has to be the most humble accessory ever. Still: so useful!

Blotting paper. It’s off-white, it’s thick, it’s soft, it’s useful. Mine measures four inches tall by nine inches wide, which covers the width of any paper I use.

What do I use it for? Blotting ink, of course: I blot ink at the end of a page, so I can turn over the page more quickly and continue on the other side. I also rest my hand on blotting paper when I write, to keep my writing paper neat.  And I stick a sheet of blotting paper between the pages of my notebook to mark my page; the blotting paper is there, then, to perform blotting and hand-resting duties when I next open the notebook.

Oh, and one of my pieces of blotting paper also helpfully reminds me to consider having a snack. As you can see, this is multi-purpose stuff.


On that piece of blotting paper, a very young friend practiced her handwriting and expressed her deepest wishes.  No problem!  It still works fine.  After all, it’s made to blot up ink. And if my little vandal grows up to become another Banksy,  I’ll auction off this piece of juvenilia and make a fortune. Because blotting paper lasts.

I bought my stock from the nice folks at Pendemonium, both at the Chicago Pen Show and through their website. As always, no connection except being a very satisfied customer.

Thinking About Pen Accessories: The Indispensable Loupe


Be it ever so humble, a loupe is among my most used pen accessories. I use it to examine the condition of pens and nibs I’m thinking of buying, but mostly I use it when I adjust nibs I already own. I am a pen tinkerer, so I use it a lot.

Mine is a 10x loupe made by Eschenbach with an LED light. It’s just great. The optics are excellent, the 10x magnification level is perfect for examining nibs and the integrated light means I can use it in any lighting and get a great view of the nib.


This loupe is about six inches long, which is small enough to bring to pen shows. The handle makes it easy to hold. It comes with a vinyl cover to protect the lens when not in use. I know it’s sturdy: it has passed the “dropped by Laura” real-life test more than once.

I can’t think of a single thing that isn’t excellent about this loupe. But it was pricey, at a little over $100. You could economize by looking for a less expensive one, though check the quality and the magnification. Unfortunately, the lighted magnifiers that you see everywhere for reading provide only 2x or 3x magnification, which I don’t think is enough for nib work.

But there are a lot of unlighted loupes, and even some magnifying glasses, with 10x magnification.  So if you don’t need the illumination, you also could save money on a loupe purchase by foregoing the light.

Pen Case Review: MY63 Single-Pen Cases

Through Fountain Pen Geeks Forum, I have gotten to know a fellow member MY63 — Michael — who does leather work including custom handmade pen cases.  He very kindly surprised me with a single-pen case as a gift, and I liked that so much I bought a second in a different style.

The first case is tubular in shape. It consists of two halves held together by a leather cord that closes with a leather toggle.  Mine has a mahogany exterior with yellow stitching, and a tan suede interior.

The second case has a more familiar holster design, with a leather flap that slips into a leather band.  Mine is black with red stitching and a silver suede interior.  I call it the Blackhawks case because I chose the colors for the 2015 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

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