Pen Clutter


I was trying to find my yellow Line Friends Lamy Safari the other day — for the blog, of course.  Instead I found a clown car of pen-related clutter — boxes and boxes of it — all on a tiny shelf.  Which is not my only shelf of pen and ink things.

But I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ve turned over a new leaf.  And that is called: ignorance is bliss. From now on, I’m not going to pay any attention to what’s on my shelves.  Unless something happens to fall on me.  At which time, I’ll shove that item back on the shelf and walk briskly into the other room.  That’s called: just good common sense.

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5 thoughts on “Pen Clutter

  1. Seems right about perfect to me! Organized enough to find your stuff (most of it anyway!), but not so regimented as to endanger creativity and a sense of adventure! (ie ‘thrift/shop your own shelves’)

    The Edelstein Garnet box, though. What a head-scratcher 😛

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