Pen Clutter

Because from that tiny little shelf, I excavated all of the following:


Large Box of Useful Accessories.  This contains converters, extra nibs, ink cartridges, things like that, organized in labeled bags.  I know what’s in here.  And I use this stuff all the time.  This does not make me doubt my sanity.


Box of Empty Ink Bottles.  Quel surprise.  I had no idea this was there.  I have empty ink bottles on a different shelf, which I did know about.  This secondary box of bottles?  Totally forgotten. Of course a few empty ink bottles can come in handy.  But more than a dozen?  Is this necessary?  Wise? Or just full-on “cray cray”?  This one does make me doubt my sanity.


Box of Unused Blunt Syringes. Okay, let me explain. It was cheaper to buy this box of multiple ink syringes from Amazon than to buy two or three from internet fountain pen sellers.  So, yes, it looks cray cray.  But what if I open a doll hospital in the future?  Then it will look smart.


Boxes of Miscellaneous Ink Samples.  I tend to be fairly methodical, so I keep my ink samples in nice little plastic bags labeled “blue” or “turquoise” or “blue black.”  But these are samples I haven’t used yet or haven’t gotten around to putting in the proper bags.  Not methodical.  Well, I was really busy at the end of last year. Yes, that was a few months ago now. Thank you for mentioning that.


Random Empty Cardboard Boxes.  I found a cardboard Kaweco Sport box, a J. Herbin ink box, a Pelikan Edelstein Amethyst box and a Pelikan Edelstein Garnet box.  What makes that so interesting to me is that I’ve never owned a bottle of Pelikan Edelstein Garnet.  So, why do I have that box?  Well. Let us just agree that not every mystery has a solution.  But this junk pile does: I’ve recycled these. Go Green!  (Not you, Lamy.)


Extra Bottle of Montblanc Blue Hour Twilight Blue Ink.  There it is!  I wondered where my spare was.  And what a colorful ad for floss in that newspaper.


Box of Pen Repair Tools. Okay. Good to have. But why does it contain a tiny hammer? Why would I acquire that? To smash pens I no longer want to repair? To dramatize Maxwell’s Silver Hammer?  As a sanity restoring device after reading pen forums?

Hmmm.  Come to think of it, that seems useful. This is the prize find, I think.


5 thoughts on “Pen Clutter

  1. Seems right about perfect to me! Organized enough to find your stuff (most of it anyway!), but not so regimented as to endanger creativity and a sense of adventure! (ie ‘thrift/shop your own shelves’)

    The Edelstein Garnet box, though. What a head-scratcher 😛

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