A Peek at the Pen Cup: Deluxe Edition


Look at this gorgeous thing. This is my new pen cup, courtesy of the wonderful and talented Michael of MY63 Leather case fame.

Michael’s handmade leather work is amazing, and he’s branched out from his marvelous pen cases to other beautiful items like leather notebook covers.  I had casually mentioned a pen cup to him, and look what he made.  It is just stunning.

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3 thoughts on “A Peek at the Pen Cup: Deluxe Edition

  1. oooh, that’s wonderful! Great color choice, and I love the little dividers inside, they just look so plush! And the personalizing, wow! The font really compliments your style, I think.

    It’s so nice to see some of Michael’s work again – I’ve been away from pen forums for several months now so I’ve rather been missing it! I also didn’t know he had a blog, so thanks for linking to it. These days I find it much easier to keep up with a blog than with a forum.

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