Thinking About Pen Accessories: Blotting Paper


Blotting paper! I thought the micro-mesh stick was boring. I thought the loupe was dull. But this has to be the most humble accessory ever. Still: so useful!

Blotting paper. It’s off-white, it’s thick, it’s soft, it’s useful. Mine measures four inches tall by nine inches wide, which covers the width of any paper I use.

What do I use it for? Blotting ink, of course: I blot ink at the end of a page, so I can turn over the page more quickly and continue on the other side. I also rest my hand on blotting paper when I write, to keep my writing paper neat.  And I stick a sheet of blotting paper between the pages of my notebook to mark my page; the blotting paper is there, then, to perform blotting and hand-resting duties when I next open the notebook.

Oh, and one of my pieces of blotting paper also helpfully reminds me to consider having a snack. As you can see, this is multi-purpose stuff.


On that piece of blotting paper, a very young friend practiced her handwriting and expressed her deepest wishes.  No problem!  It still works fine.  After all, it’s made to blot up ink. And if my little vandal grows up to become another Banksy,  I’ll auction off this piece of juvenilia and make a fortune. Because blotting paper lasts.

I bought my stock from the nice folks at Pendemonium, both at the Chicago Pen Show and through their website. As always, no connection except being a very satisfied customer.

One thought on “Thinking About Pen Accessories: Blotting Paper

  1. Maybe you’re onto something with this Banksy talk, because the blotter looks like something you would buy from a trendy designer goods shop. Like a museum gift shop maybe, or something 😛

    For really multi-purpose, you could stick some on the back of a bookmark or a movable reference card like those little yearly calendar cards.


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