Thinking About Pen Accessories: Micro-Mesh Sticks


It is a sad truth to be faced.  My pens have accumulated accessories.

But I’ve been decluttering, so I am casting a sharp eye on those.  I am sure there are some I wish I had never acquired, while others are okay. Then there are some I wouldn’t be without.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking About Pen Accessories: Micro-Mesh Sticks

  1. Thanks! I might actually start with the smooth-to-feedback change. I can think of more pens that got too smooth than the other way round, even though I do like ’em on the smooth side.


  2. Only on pens that need it. I am not a fan of the over-smooth nib. But sometimes you get nib that is in alignment but still writes less smoothly than you’d like. I’m sure I’ve never had to smooth an Aurora, or Pelikan or Sailor. But at the Safari or Kaweco Sport level, or with vintage pens I’ve restored, sometimes they need a little work.

    You can also use the middle section (which is white on mine) to give an over-smooth nib a touch of feedback.

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