Pen Case Review: MY63 Single-Pen Cases

Through Fountain Pen Geeks Forum, I have gotten to know a fellow member MY63 — Michael — who does leather work including custom handmade pen cases.  He very kindly surprised me with a single-pen case as a gift, and I liked that so much I bought a second in a different style.

The first case is tubular in shape. It consists of two halves held together by a leather cord that closes with a leather toggle.  Mine has a mahogany exterior with yellow stitching, and a tan suede interior.

The second case has a more familiar holster design, with a leather flap that slips into a leather band.  Mine is black with red stitching and a silver suede interior.  I call it the Blackhawks case because I chose the colors for the 2015 Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

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2 thoughts on “Pen Case Review: MY63 Single-Pen Cases

  1. I was a recent surprise recipient of one of Michael’s cases (and don’t think I’ve forgotten your involvement in this, Laura!), and I have to say I am astounded by the sheer quality of both the materials and the craft in putting it all together. Mine is the tubular version in mahogany with yellow stitching. It even has a monogrammed leather toggle! Simply superb. Now to find a pen worthy of such a magnificent enclosure. [If you are looking for an artisan-made leather pen case with real style and quality, start beating a path to Michael’s door at once]

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  2. Great showcase of a talented artisan! I really like what I’ve seen of his on the pen forums so it’s nice to hear from someone who has his work 🙂

    I love how perfect the Blackhawks colors work out for a case with a ‘professional’ or ‘businessy’ look: the soft dove gray softens the severe black and the red stitching gives it all a bit of extra flair. The tubular one looks like a steampunk map case or samples holder – ready for adventure. So you’re covered for all style eventualities 😉

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