Ink Dips: Diamine Blaze Orange

 Diamine Blaze Orange writing sample

When I plucked Diamine Blaze Orange out of the Parcel of Possibly Purple Ink Samples, I (i) breathed a sigh of relief, and (ii) decided to use my modern Parker Duofold Centennial. A friend had been talking about the modern Duofolds, and mine has a killer medium stub that I love to use with orange inks.

Diamine Blaze Orange turns out to be a gorgeous orange ink with beautiful yellow shading. It flowed nicely and started up perfectly. It resisted feathering well on very poor paper. It’s bright enough for editing or brief notes, but not one of those horrible eye-searing oranges. The shading is subtle and gorgeous.

Here’s a writing sample on white paper. Words and music by Warren Zevon.

Diamine Blaze Orange writing sample

And here on Tomoe River paper.

Diamine Blaze Orange writing sample

This is my favorite kind of orange ink. In fact, it looked uncannily similar to my actual favorite orange ink, which is Caran d’Ache Saffron. Take a look here. Or if you’d like to see Saffron in this exact same Parker Duofold, you also can look here.

Caran d’Ache Saffron is no longer available, though you can still buy the very beautiful Caran d’Ache Electric Orange, which I love. But I think Blaze Orange may be closer to Saffron than Electric Orange is.

One of my favorite things about Diamine is how Diamine sometimes just happens to come out with an ink that’s very similar to one from a more expensive ink maker. For example, Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock is no longer available. But then Diamine came out with Diamine Burgundy Rose, which, as you can see here, happens to be very close to Alfred Hitchcock. Thank you, Diamine.

Here are swabs of Caran d’Ache Saffron and Diamine Blaze Orange.

Diamine Blaze Orange swab comparison

This could totally be a coincidence. Diamine Blaze Orange has been out for a long time. But it’s a fortunate coincidence for ink lovers.

Let’s talk price. Another great thing about Diamine is its reasonable prices. Checking the Diamine website, I see that a 30 ml bottle of Blaze Orange is £2.67 with VAT included. For we Americans, that converts to around $3, or 175 Russian Rubles.

I don’t think Diamine Blaze Orange is identical to Caran d’Ache Saffron. I’ve compared a lot of inks, and even inks that look very similar usually have different dyes. But it’s really close on paper, and that’s what I care about. I can’t think of a reason people shouldn’t try Diamine Blaze Orange.

Yes, I have an orange crush. Where has Diamine Blaze Orange been hiding all my life? It’s been undercover, I guess, lost in the supermarket of Diamine’s amazingly comprehensive array of inks. But this ink deserves the spotlight.

Diamine Blaze Orange writing sample

7 thoughts on “Ink Dips: Diamine Blaze Orange

  1. Are there studies on the variance of individuals and color perception/intake? I ask because I’ve always found orange (and yellow) inks very hard to read, and (essentially) hard on my eyes. So, yeah, don’t really have orange inks in my box o’ inks.

    But you do. And you have a new fave. This is a good thing.

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    1. That’s a good point, and I’m sure it’s true, that people are sensitive to some colors. I do sometimes find very light and bright ink colors hard to read, and sometimes if a color is too bright or neon, it can actually be hard on my eyes. It’s not an aesthetic preference, when I can’t read something easily or without discomfort — that’s physical.

      But it’s not shared by everyone. Montblanc Gandhi was too bright for my eyes — and I know you felt the same. On the other hand, some folks absolutely adored the eye-searing brightness that had me wincing. People’s eyes are obviously different, and the reaction to that ink proved it for me. 🙂

      I should clarify, however, that none of the orange inks I consider favorites — Caran d’Ache Electric Orange and Saffron, Sailor Kin-Mokusei and this Diamine Blaze Orange — are in any way harsh or neon, or hard to read for me. I own the first three, and feel quite “set” with orange — if not oversupplied. But if I were recommending an orange ink, I’d have a hard time not picking Diamine Blaze Orange, because it’s such a beautiful ink at such a great price.

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