Ink Dips: Diamine Blaze Orange

Diamine Blaze Orange

Ink Dips is a more casual, and potentially unsettling, ink evaluation than is normal here at Fountain Pen Follies. Instead of carefully evaluating an ink I’m interested in, the point of Ink Dips is to blindly pick an ink sample from a box of the sadly not loved and not blue. Then I fill that sample into a pen and see what I think. It’s an ink experiment that’s a bit dippy.

Diamine Blaze Orange. This is just a magnificent orange ink, at a great price. It’s hard to think of an orange ink that is easier to recommend. If I may, the ink may be orange, but Ink Dips has struck gold. (Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)

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7 thoughts on “Ink Dips: Diamine Blaze Orange

  1. Are there studies on the variance of individuals and color perception/intake? I ask because I’ve always found orange (and yellow) inks very hard to read, and (essentially) hard on my eyes. So, yeah, don’t really have orange inks in my box o’ inks.

    But you do. And you have a new fave. This is a good thing.

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    1. That’s a good point, and I’m sure it’s true, that people are sensitive to some colors. I do sometimes find very light and bright ink colors hard to read, and sometimes if a color is too bright or neon, it can actually be hard on my eyes. It’s not an aesthetic preference, when I can’t read something easily or without discomfort — that’s physical.

      But it’s not shared by everyone. Montblanc Gandhi was too bright for my eyes — and I know you felt the same. On the other hand, some folks absolutely adored the eye-searing brightness that had me wincing. People’s eyes are obviously different, and the reaction to that ink proved it for me. 🙂

      I should clarify, however, that none of the orange inks I consider favorites — Caran d’Ache Electric Orange and Saffron, Sailor Kin-Mokusei and this Diamine Blaze Orange — are in any way harsh or neon, or hard to read for me. I own the first three, and feel quite “set” with orange — if not oversupplied. But if I were recommending an orange ink, I’d have a hard time not picking Diamine Blaze Orange, because it’s such a beautiful ink at such a great price.

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