Field Notes Utility Edition

Field Notes Utility Subscriber Package

My spring special edition Field Notes subscription, the Utility Edition, arrived yesterday, and I really like this one, which was a nice surprise. It also seems to have paper that’s good with fountain pens.

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5 thoughts on “Field Notes Utility Edition

  1. Good to finally know what that layout with the large squares divided into smaller ones is called! (engineer’s) Years ago when Jetpens made a small memobook like that it had that pattern; I’d never seen it before and this is the first time I’m seeing it since!

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  2. Thanks for your review and the many nice photos, as well as your wrtiting (is it yours) on page 1, practical application #31. Great to see not all the people have gone crazy on your side of the big pond 😉

    Might I correct you in one little detail: Your Aurora Optima is probably filled with R&K Verdura, I suspect, as Verdigris is a very dark teal / petrol colour, an ink I love a lot.

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    1. Thank you, you are absolutely right! And thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix that error. Verdura is the next Ink Dip, in fact. I am quite sure I’d love Verdigris, but have never had the luck to try it.

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