In Medias Res: New Sailor Inks, Plus the Peche to Sakura-Mori Comparison

Sailor inks

It does look like an Easter basket just threw up on me, doesn’t it?

But thankfully not. It’s just that I just got three more of the new Sailor Four Seasons inks. Up there are Sailor Waka-Uguisu, Sakura-Mori and Yuki-Akari.

Candidly, I am not a pastel person. But I have been happily surprised by these three inks. In fact the final ink of the trio, the one I only grudgingly added to the shopping cart,  because I absolutely loathed the color of the online swabs, turns out to be my favorite of all. Go figure.

But first things first. Here is a comparison of Sakura-Mori, the new Sailor pink, with the old Sailor pink, Peche.

Sailor Sakura-Mori and Sailor Jentle Peche comparisons

That’s perhaps sad news for Peche devotees. Sakura-Mori is a warmer color, and isn’t really very much like Peche.

But Sakura-Mori is lovely, nonetheless, if you like pale pink inks. It’s a delicate pink with a blush of orange, I believe. Now, a light pink ink is not be the most versatile, useful color, for sure, but I have a soft spot for the barely legible ink category, so I like this one.

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