Pen of the Day: Nemosine Singularity with Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-Matsu

Nemosine Singularity with Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu

Nemosine Singularity with stub nib. It feels like forever since I’ve done a Pen of the Day, so here’s a reasonably-priced pen that’s new-to-me, the Nemosine Singularity.

I bought one with a stub nib, and I’m happy with it so far. The nib has a bit of feedback, which I like, but it’s a smooth writer with nice line variation and moderate to wet ink flow. It’s a medium stub, comparable to a Safari 1.1 mm nib, so good for everyday writing.

The nib itself is very large in size and has attractive stamping.

Nemosine Singularity with Sailor Tokiwa-Matsu

I’ve got my Nemosine Singularity inked with Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Tokiwa-Matsu, a nice evergreen ink with shading and sheen.

The Singularity design is pretty utilitarian, but the pen is a good size. The weight is light, but balanced, and the section is comfortable. The Singularity works for me unposted or posted. It comes with a converter, or you can use standard international cartridges. It also can be used as an eye-dropper. I think it’s a nice deal for under $20.

For a better idea of size, here are a Kaweco Classic Sport, a Lamy Vista, the Nemosine Singularity and a J. Herbin fountain pen.

Nemosine Singularity size comparison

6 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Nemosine Singularity with Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-Matsu

  1. The barrel does sometimes unscrew when you are trying to uncap the Pen. I found the stub a little scratchy and dry so I smoothed it a bit and adjusted it for more flow. The medium nib is really nice. Overall a very good inexpensive Pen.

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    1. I guess that isn’t a problem unless you try and eyedropper it. Regardless I think I see having one of these in my future.


  2. I was interested in these too. Glad you did a review on them, Laura! Did you have any trouble with unscrewing the cap, and the barrel coming loose? I thought I read somewhere that could happen with it, and The Gist. (another interesting pen!)

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    1. No, I think that must be a different pen, or else they changed the design. On this one, the barrel-to-section threads are long, and require about four turns to unscrew, clockwise. The cap threads are shorter, and require less than one and a half turns to unscrew, counter-clockwise. It’s a solidly constructed pen, with thick acrylic.

      The only point of possible stress I see is that the clip is sort of hinged on, which tempts me to pull the clip back and forth, to enjoy the clicky noise it makes. Normal people would not do that, however. Just me, or possibly an especially destructive six-year-old.


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