Ink Review: Bung Box Fujiyama Blue

Bung Box Fujiyama Blue

Bung Box Fujiyama Blue. This is a very light blue ink that I like in a wide or wet pen. In an extremely wet pen, Fujiyama Blue deepens and takes on a blue-green tint which is also quite nice.

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3 thoughts on “Ink Review: Bung Box Fujiyama Blue

  1. The Bung Box ink is a bit light for me. The Aquamarine ink you posted is much darker than what mine looked like with the sample I got. Diamine-Eau de Nil may be similar, but to me it is a lighter version of Yama-dori. I also tested samples of Aquamarine, and Deep Sea Green (Faber Castell). The Deep Sea Green wasn’t as green as the Aquamarine. I went to the pen show recently and tried Franklin-Christoph Midnight Emerald. To me it is similar to both colors, and I definitely remember it being darker than Aquamarine, but neither was as dark as what you posted here. Midnight Emerald is more blue than Aquamarine for sure. I guess it depends on pen, and paper quite a bit. I have only used Midnight Emerald in one pen so far, I will try it in other pens as I’m able to do so. It had excellent flow and lubrication.

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    1. I do like this one, but the cost is prohibitive for me. I’m hoping to stumble across one used, or rather have someone tell me when they stumble across one used, since I don’t check ads. 🙂

      Which inks do you think are similar? I thought there might be a Diamine, but all mine are darker or different, like Eau de Nil. It’s a tricky color space for me: if a blue-green ink gets too green I don’t love it.


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