Fountain Pen Favorites for July 2016

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This July was not my favorite month ever, in either fountain pens or real life. In fact, if this July were a movie, it would get one star from me. But even the worst movies have highlights (or else how could anyone make a trailer?). So let’s focus on the positives and put together a trailer for July 2016.

1. Montblanc Shakespeare Ink. The leading man. I love this ink. Of course I was primed to love it: a red ink, from Montblanc, named after Shakespeare. Hearing that this ink existed was, for me, like hearing Matt Damon was making a new Jason Bourne movie. I’m in. And Montblanc Shakespeare ink did not disappoint.

2. KWZ Thief’s Red Ink. I love this one, too. Partially because of its great red color, and partially because of its name. And sure: partially because it’s not blue. But because our movie has some thought-provoking moments, too, I’ll mention that KWZ Thief’s Red also reminded me not to overlook inks that don’t happen to have a great name.

3. Two Empty Ink Bottles. Emptied, really. There was so little ink left in Pelikan Edelstein Topaz or in J. Herbin Bleu Nuit that I’ve transferred what little remains to sample vials. I’ll miss having these two inks around. But a blue ink I like has the approximate life expectancy of anyone in the Jason Bourne movie series not named Jason Bourne.

4 thoughts on “Fountain Pen Favorites for July 2016

  1. It was hot here in San Diego too. Not the weather we pay for! But, from a pen perspective, I picked up some ink from you know who and also received my Ranga Trans Nauka which provided some new fun with larger pens. We saw the new Bourne movie last weeked and loved it! All in all not too bad. And, I am going to attend the Frisco pen show in three weeks so August is looking very positive!

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  2. July wasn’t my favourite month either (in real life.) However, here in the UK, at least it was warm. 🙂
    I love Matt Damon. Whatever he does – I love it! I’ve watched him in The Martian 3 times already.

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