Red Wednesday

KWZ Thief's Red ink

Better than a Red Wedding, am I right?

I’ve been using a new-to-me red ink recently, because I want to review it. And I don’t mean Montblanc Shakespeare, but a second red ink. Which then prompted me to ink a third red, for comparison. And I have a J. Herbin “Rouge” going as well. So, four reds.

Apparently red is the new blue for me.

I wonder if I could spin that into a t.v. series? Perhaps a lucrative sponsorship opportunity? Or the chance to meet Bono. Any of those appeals. So, you know, call me.

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7 thoughts on “Red Wednesday

  1. Wait…titanium is brown?! I always thought of titanium as in the color as a dark, dull gray. I sometimes see a car I’d describe as ‘sparkly brown’ around my neighborhood, and it’s quite nice, sort of a melted chocolate with glitter in it. Sort of…tasty, I think ๐Ÿ˜› Also, a nice color for an ink, possibly one of those with shimmer in them like the Shimmertastic range.

    Thief’s red though…that wins Color Name Of The Year award. Everybody else can just go home. And the color’s pretty great too. Actually, that reminds me: are there ink awards?

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  2. For some reason that red doesn’t quite strike me. But perhaps I’m just not in a red mood today.
    That said, did you try Diamine’s Red Dragon yet? I’ve fallen in love with that particular red, even for longer writing. I’m surprised it didn’t hop off the page and throttle me instantly, but it’s actually quite pleasant even in longer texts.
    Just to give your red mood some more food ๐Ÿ˜‰

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