Serendipity: Ink and Pen Department

J. Herbin ink bottle nearly empty

I adore J. Herbin inks (well, most of them), but I can admit that the bottles, while lovely, are not always easy to fill from, especially as the ink level declines.

However, there are some pens that are so perfect in every way that they adapt to difficult conditions like I would adapt to winning sixty million dollars.

The Parker 51, ladies and gentlemen.

J. Herbin ink bottle nearly empty


One thought on “Serendipity: Ink and Pen Department

  1. Herbin bottles are a bit impractical for fountain pens. But they are an anachronism, from the days of dip pens. As such, part of me appreciates that, even as I have to use a syringe to get the last drops out.

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