Brownie Points: KWZ Brown-Pink

KWZ Brown-Pink ink writing sample

Yes!  KWZ Brown-Pink is being all brown for me on Tomoe River paper. I am very excited.

Is that unreasonable?  I’ve basically been thinking of it as a purple ink, in disguise. So seeing the browner aspect is really cool.

I think inks may have broken my brain. Or, possibly, the fact that I ate only healthy food all day yesterday. Cold turkey has got me on the run?  But I don’t care. Just give me some truth. I’m loving the brown in Brown-Pink.

2 thoughts on “Brownie Points: KWZ Brown-Pink

  1. That is absolutely true: Cacao du Brésil is the closest of my brown inks. Although I do only have the current version of CdB, and I know it has changed over the years.

    KWZ Brown-Pink does stand alone, however. It’s the most marvelously different color. Only a boutique ink maker slash ink genius would come up with something like this. 🙂


  2. In this sample it reminds me of herbin cacao du brésil even more. Specifically the way it looks in the pen I’ve been using it lately, a very old Lamy Safari with a wet-ish medium nib. Same shading, accounting for the differences in handwriting (I think yours is more shading-prone than mine).

    That’s good because CdB is pretty great, it makes sense that KWZ would go towards a soft brown (not saying they copied it, I think it’s far more likely that in the course of their experimentation with colors they just naturally gravitated towards creating this kind of soft brown with pink undertones just because it’s so pretty and versatile, and looks great with an enormous range of other colors).

    Do you want a little CdB to compare? I just cleaned out the pen a couple days ago so I can’t even post a writing sample myself 😛

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