Inky Secrets and Confessions


I’ve mentioned before that my friend Chris knows more about ink than anyone I know. I always learn a lot from her, and I enjoyed reading her 2016 list of inks purchased. My list is for 2106 is here. She asked me the other day, guiltily, I think, “Have you ever thrown inks down the drain?” I have no guilt about that. But it gave me the idea for some inky true confessions.

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Brownie Points: KWZ Brown-Pink

KWZ Brown-Pink ink writing sample

Yes!  KWZ Brown-Pink is being all brown for me on Tomoe River paper. I am very excited.

Is that unreasonable?  I’ve basically been thinking of it as a purple ink, in disguise. So seeing the browner aspect is really cool.

I think inks may have broken my brain. Or, possibly, the fact that I ate only healthy food all day yesterday. Cold turkey has got me on the run?  But I don’t care. Just give me some truth. I’m loving the brown in Brown-Pink.

Another Example of Iron Gall Ink, This One Just a Bit Older

Pen and iron gall ink copy drawing by unknown Italian artist

Here’s something ink-related I found at the Art Institute of Chicago last week.

It’s a copy drawing from the late 17th Century of a print based on a Van Dyck print.  The unknown artist drew this with iron gall ink, more than 300 years ago.

Here’s a closer look, just because I think this part is so well done.  Also because it shows that the ink is now brown.

IMG_3227 detail

I’m going to admit that my fourth or fifth thought upon looking at this was: I hope KWZ makes an iron gall ink in this color.  I think I have ink on the brain.