Not Fortune’s Fool, Not I

Fortune cookie fortune

Fortune may be fickle, but I always enjoy a fortune cookie. Here’s the one I got yesterday, which is very inspiring.  Like, crush it. Life is a banquet. That kind of spirit.

Except for me it’s a teeny bit of a buzzkill.  See, I was totally planning to sneak a visit to the Montblanc Boutique, to look at the new Heritage Collection Rouge et Noir pens.  But looking at pens I cannot afford would not be something new.  It seems like that fortune cookie was trying to tell me something.

So, change of plans.

The trouble is, I don’t actually want to zipline or parachute or anything adventurously new.  Well, I would be willing to go clubbing.  But it’s Wednesday, and I have to drive carpool for my kids, and I just think it would be hard to fit in a satisfactory amount of clubbing before 3 p.m., so that’s out.

So yeah.

So I’ve settled on … wait for it: healthy eating.  Oh yeah.

And sure, maybe it sounds terrible. Like you know you’re old when “healthy eating” is your “try something new.”  As if anyone needs actual fun when you can eat kale, right?  And I hate being healthy. I like chocolate.

But I’m just going to pretend it’s fun. Right?  I’ll do the wild and crazy version of healthy eating.  Pumped up healthy eating.  Healthy eating like a boss.  Crush it.

3 thoughts on “Not Fortune’s Fool, Not I

  1. Maybe I’ll get a minibike, strap on some pyrotechnics and film myself, eating healthily while doing cool stunts. Get a YouTube channel going. I kind of like the renegade, badass image. It does fit.


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