First Look: Seitz-Kreuznach Flamingo Pink


Seitz-Kreuznach Flamingo Pink is a pale pink, but if it’s quiet in color, it’s also lovely.

I used Seitz-Kreuznach Flamingo Pink in cartridge form in a Kaweco Sport with broad and fine nibs. Being such an unsaturated ink, Flamingo Pink benefited from the wider broad nib. In a dry fine nib, shown below, I found it a little too light for best legibility. However, I’m sure this would be a great match for a wetter fine nib pen.


Calling the ink “Flamingo Pink” does suggest a brighter, more vivid color than I saw in the pen I used. However, when you look at the ink in the cartridge, you can see the potential.

Here is Flamingo Pink bracketed by J. Herbin Rose Tendresse and Diamine Carnation, both light pinks themselves, but not as unsaturated as Flamingo Pink.


In a wetter pen, it can come across darker, as in the writing sample below, where the very last line on the left was written after I added more ink to the feed.


And here is a better look at Seitz-Kreuznach Flamingo Pink with a standard blue and black, for reference.


Flamingo Pink wrote easily and cleaned up very easily. It has nice shading.  It did feather more than most Seitz-Kreuznach inks, but nothing terrible. It even has a tiny bit of water resistance on lower quality paper.

Paper towel chromatography shows both how light and unsaturated Flamingo Pink is, and also what pretty pink dyes it contains.


Living outside the EU, I order Seitz-Kreuznach products from Seitz Global, which sells Seitz-Kreuznach ink in 100 ml glass bottles for $9.90 and in 20 ml glass bottles for $3.25. Short international cartridges are $2.19 for eight or $3.62 for 14. George Seitz kindly added this cartridge to an order I placed, so I could sample the ink, before they started selling the smaller bottles.

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