Pen Review: Kaweco AL-Sport Raw Aluminum


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a principled advocate for dessert first. Why save the best for last? In that spirit, I am going to kick off a series of reviews of three excellent Kaweco fountain pens with my absolute favorite. That is the AL-Sport in raw aluminum.

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4 thoughts on “Pen Review: Kaweco AL-Sport Raw Aluminum

  1. <>

    That’s the best kind of pen there is! And, I like a bit of scratching and denting – reminds me of the time I’ve had with a pen! Used but well-maintained is my favorite 🙂

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    1. sorry, the above was a response to where you said, ‘I don’t care what I’m writing; this is the pen I want to use. And because I want to use this pen, I try to think of more things to write.’ I just seem to have used some kind of html tag without realizing it. Wow, am I a prodigy or what 😉

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