Ink Dips: Monteverde Green aka Monteverde Emerald Green

Monteverde Green and Emerald Green writing sample

Ink Dips is a more casual, laid-back ink evaluation than is normal here at Fountain Pen Follies. Instead of carefully evaluating an ink I’m interested in, the point of Ink Dips is to blindly pick an ink sample from an ink junk box — a box of the derivative or derided. Then I fill that unwanted sample in one pen and see what I think. It’s an ink experiment that’s a bit dippy.

Monteverde (Emerald) Green. This ink used to be sold as Monteverde Green, and is now sold as Monteverde Emerald Green. It’s a blue-leaning, slightly pale, middle green. It’s nicer-looking on Tomoe River paper, it looks good next to other pastel inks, it’s feathery on poor paper but it seems very safe in pens.

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Washable Black Ink?


There are those who want their fountain pen inks to be permanent. Then there are those who don’t. I am the latter, since I never write anything important, but I do spill a lot.

Someone mentioned washable black ink to me, and I thought that Seitz-Kreuznach Panthers Black, Stipula Ebony Black and Montblanc Mystery Black would be washable. So let’s see.

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