Ink Snippet: Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red


Since January is at its coldest and bleakest just now, I am trying to jazz things up with garnet ink, in honor of the January birth stone.  It’s a little like inky jewelry.  Except so much more frugal.

Last week was Pelikan Edelstein Garnet, a red orange that I thought added a little spice to the wintery weather. Alas, it’s a limited edition ink from 2014 and so not easily available.

So this week I’m trying a second garnet ink, Faber-Castell Garnet Red.

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Ink Snippet: Pelikan Edelstein Garnet


Oh January, you are not the easiest month to love, here in the northern hemisphere.  It’s very cold in Chicago in January, and the hours of daylight are short, which makes this month seem extra long.

So how to make January more fun?  How about jewelry?  Because it turns out that January has a nice birth stone, the garnet.  And I happen to have two garnet inks.  The first is Pelikan Edelstein Garnet.

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