Pen of the Day: Sailor Desk Pen


Sailor Desk Pen. This is another sub-$15 plastic desk pen featuring an ultra-fine Japanese nib.  I’ve got it filled with Sailor’s pigment-based ink, the nano ink Kiwa-guro.  The combination is very similar to the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen featured Tuesday.


Sailor’s stainless steel nib is marked extra-fine.  I find it very similar in width to both the Platinum desk pen with Carbon Black and the Pilot Prera fine nib with Pilot Black (a regular dye-based ink).  The two desk pens may write slightly thinner lines than the Prera with fine nib, but all three are pretty close in my real world use.

Sailor Kiwa-guro ink is made from pigments rather than dye, so it’s similar to Platinum Carbon ink.  In the desk pens, Kiwa-guro is darker and blacker than Platinum Carbon ink.  However, Kiwa-guro is only water-resistant, while Platinum Carbon ink is totally waterproof.


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