Pen of the Day: Platinum Carbon Desk Pen


Platinum Carbon Desk Pen. This is an inexpensive plastic desk pen made by Platinum for its Carbon Black ink. I bought this, and a similar desk pen made by Sailor, years ago for drawing. I decided to take them out again this week for writing.


The Platinum desk pen has a nice, smooth nib, and I like the pen’s light weight, long length and good balance.  It can take a Platinum converter if you want to use bottled ink. It’s a good pen to write with, for me.  Platinum describes the nib as “super fine.” It may be slightly thinner than my Pilot Prera fine nib with Pilot black ink, but I really think the two are comparable.

Platinum Carbon ink is marked safe for fountain pens, but I have had some difficulties with pigment inks over the years, so I honestly prefer to use them in dedicated cheaper pens, like this one.  Carbon Black is a waterproof and lightproof pigment-based ink.  It’s reputed to be a very dark black ink, but in this pen I don’t get that.  It writes smoothly and dries quickly. This combination easily could be an everyday user.


One thought on “Pen of the Day: Platinum Carbon Desk Pen

  1. Wow, I didn’t know there were waterproof, lightproof inks made by anyone besides Noodler’s! that’s great to know – one for the wishlist!

    The pen is perfect for it, easy to snag out of a pencil cup to write down an address on an envelope, and much prettier with all the glossy black and gold than many other desk pens 🙂


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