Cheap Desk Pen Comparison: Platinum Versus Sailor


I’ve been writing with Platinum and Sailor’s inexpensive desk pens recently.  Both were around $12 from Jetpens when I bought them a few years ago.  I noticed that Jetpens isn’t carrying the Sailor any more, but still has the Platinum, as do other retailers. Here are my thoughts when comparing the two for writing, rather than drawing.

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2 thoughts on “Cheap Desk Pen Comparison: Platinum Versus Sailor

  1. It sounds like the Platinum is an easy winner! I have to admit I like the design of it better. Not that I dislike the sailor, it’s perfectly nice, but the Platinum looks more unusual with this semi-enclosed nib and the shape that is thicker through the middle.

    I’m not a big fan of the push-in style of cap, either; I miss that resounding ‘click’, somehow satisfying!

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