I Learn a Valuable Lesson About Fountain Pens and Inks, Set to Music.

Apologies for my internet absence. Since we brought the 2019 Chicago Pen Show to a successful and happy conclusion, pens have been scarce for me. And, actually, even before the Pen Show. Almost no pen time. Hence, nothing to write about pens.

Eh, it happens. Life is fine. It’s just been busy. Life is bigger. Much bigger than pens. But it’s made the blog seem like a Colorado ghost town, with the dust blowing between abandoned mining shacks.

Only now, it’s almost fall. Time to clean things out, get cracking. We’re back to school.

So here’s what I was doing with pens during my summer vacation. Like the song at (almost) the very end, this will be long and boring. But there’s music in it.

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15 thoughts on “I Learn a Valuable Lesson About Fountain Pens and Inks, Set to Music.

  1. Thanks for the lovely post and thanks for mentioning our Ohio Pen Club inks! I’m very fond of the Park of Roses ink, possibly because I’m quite fond of the Park of Roses, which is in my neighborhood. (Also, I have 462 also! That’s the only Sailor Studio ink I have (so far). I bought it in Belgium, at a shop where I was trying very hard not to get carried away. I like it a lot– nice shading.) I’ve missed your posts!

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  2. Nice to see you back, Laura!

    Regarding the Central Ohio Pen Club inks, at the show both inks will be sold in the glass pedestal bottles. Hey, you want to be a club member, you suffer participation in the trials while we try to get it right! 🙂

    The bottles are 50ml and will sell for $20 each. Both colors are limited to 50 bottles and no sales will be made before the show.

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  3. >> When you write something, hopefully you can pick up a pen you like and an ink you like,
    >> and write on paper you like. If you’re lucky there’s music in it.

    >> None of these things matter, except to the extent that they make us happy.

    Wow, you’ve bounced back in poetic mood, and I’m happy to see you have!

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