Pen Review: Pilot Kakuno

Pilot Kakuno blue

I bought a gray and blue Pilot Kakuno with a fine nib, used, from someone in my pen club who didn’t like its narrow fine nib.

Well, I love the narrow fine nib. It’s my favorite part of the Kakuno. For the rest of the pen, my verdict’s more mixed.

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11 thoughts on “Pen Review: Pilot Kakuno

  1. My first fountain pen was a Lamy Safari (EF nib), and it really was not for me and turned me off of fountain pens for a bit. I really love writing with needlepoint gel pens though, so I thought giving the EF Kakuno a try might be up my alley. Lo and behold, it totally was! It’s definitely not a pen for everyone, but something about that narrow nib and clear plastic sings for me. May be it’s because the pen manages to be both utilitarian/”not precious” but also cute? Great review!

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  2. Laura – Great writing. Missed seeing you at the SF Pen Show this year. “Invisibility being the best superpower” is a great line. So, who knows, maybe you know something about this or possess this power and were actually there? I used to enjoy using a clear Kakuno for sketching. The fine nib was nice. And also good upside down for super fine lines. But I don’t ise it anymore. It got boring.

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    1. I so missed being there! I was on the other side of the country, dropping off the Follies freshman at college. Grumble.

      And, yeah, I feel you on the Kakuno getting boring. That’s the thing. It’s not fetching, or even interesting. It’s basic. Like a disposable stick pen, except with a fountain pen nib. So, yeah, boring. This leads to the philosophical question: isn’t boring the worst thing a tool can be? Meh-ness never inspires. We like fountain pens and inks because they are quirky, difficult, fun, unusual, special.


  3. If you want a pen that you can put in your pocket and not mind if it gets knocked about then it fits the bill.
    It’s not a pen for me, but I enjoyed reading about it.

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