Inks Chris Bought in 2017

Inks I bought 2017_0003

I often buy several of my “annual ink stash” when I visit Naples, Florida, and I bought a couple of the following bottles when we were there for two weeks in June. It was my plan to buy some more inks in September when I returned to Naples for a month. However, sadly Hurricane Irma had other plans for Naples, and as we were evacuated all over Florida, I had no fixed mailing address to send any inks to.

One good thing that came out of that was that after being evacuated from Naples and relocated in Orlando after Irma blasted in, I visited the Millenia Mall in Orlando and bought a really nice Montblanc pen, plus a bottle of Legend of Zodiacs Red Chine ink. I also got a bottle of Montblanc Saint Exupéry ink free with my pen. 🙂 (That was the least they could do.)

Inks I bought 2017_0001

Here are the inks I purchased in 2017, by brand. I bought 20 bottles in total. Quite restrained for me. I was very fortunate to receive one or two free bottles that I haven’t mentioned below, as they were gifts not purchases.

Francesco Rubinato: (1) Turquoise. I bought this because it was a cheap eBay purchase and I really liked the bottle. The ink is very similar to J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche.

Graf von Faber-Castell: (1) Garnet Red. I bought this at a reasonable price from an Amazon UK Marketplace seller, but have to admit it’s not the shade I expected.

KWZ: (1) Monarch This color is specially made for Fontoplumo and was my first purchase from them. I love it!

Lamy: (2) I bought the last two bottles of Petrol from La Couronne du Compte. I have a few inks that are similar and I’m not so sure I should have bothered.

Levenger: (1) Cocoa . The one Levenger color from that could not be shipped to the UK at the time.

Inks I bought 2017_0004

Louis Vuitton: (4) Rouge Libertin, Violet Malicieux, Vert Optimiste and Bleu Riveur. Due to some really unusual circumstances I received these other colors free: Or Audacieux, Marron Epicurien, Brun Tenebreux and another Rouge Libertin. 🙂 The fact that I bought four and received four free almost made their total purchase price reasonable. But to receive a Louis Vuitton bag containing these inks from LV Sloane Street, delivered personally by their own delivery man in a car, was an unusual occurrence for me. I live 55 miles west of London.

Montblanc: (6) Legend of Zodiacs Red Chine, Lucky Orange, Unicef Blue, Golden Yellow, Bordeaux and (iron gall) Blue Black. Yes I finally bought Lucky Orange at a reduced price after my indecision about it last year. Plus an old part bottle of Bordeaux and an old part bottle of permanent Blue Black that I found on eBay for very low prices.

Organics Studio: (1) Henry D. Thoreau Walden Pond Blue. This was delivered after Irma to the original beach hotel that we had been evacuated from. Fortunately, the hotel re-delivered it to me in Sarasota, using their own delivery service, two days before we flew home.

Pastellier Callifolio: (1) Equinoxe No. 6 in a pack. Then I had to find a bottle for it. I picked a TWSBI ink bottle that I had purchased during the same vacation. This ink easily wins the title of my favourite ink this year.

Sailor: (2) Apricot and Sky High from the US-only reissue.

Some of these haven’t been used yet although I used the two new Montblanc bottles from Orlando straight away. I frequently don’t start new bottles for a while. That’s just me being a bit weird.

To see Chrissy’s purchases in previous years, click here for 2016 and click here for 2015.

6 thoughts on “Inks Chris Bought in 2017

  1. Hi, Chrissy!

    Thanks for the blog post! Where do you do your ink shopping in Naples, Florida? I have family there, and would love to support a local vendor when I visit.

    Happy New Year!


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  2. Pastellier Callifolio- Equinoxe No. 6 sounds very interesting. I’ve read about that one before. Chrissy, I liked hearing about your ink purchases. I’m sorry to hear you were evacuating from Hurricane Irma!

    Laura, good to hear you are using the Seven Seas journal. I love mine, and use it just about everyday!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, thank you, but that would be Chrissy who’s using her journal to record purchases. 🙂 I only wrote the parts in italics, at the very beginning and very end. But I do have posts about my own journal elsewhere on the blog. 🙂



  3. Thank for sharing Chrissy!

    I’m intrigued by the Montblanc Red Chine, I’ve been thinking about that myself.

    >> 55 miles west of London

    I know that area well. I used to live in Ealing, and work in Windsor, with relatives in Reading, Henley and Oxford, plus friends at the Universities. Nice area… with some lovely pub’s. I particularly liked the Olde Bell at Hurley 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

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