Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Peacock

Papier Plume Peacock writing sample

Papier Plume Peacock. Weeks of gray skies and near-constant rain have made your faithful blogger a little crabby and a little stabby. But there’s a cure for bad weather, and it’s called, “find something cheerful.”  Just what the doctor ordered is Papier Plume Peacock, an irrepressible happy ink with a tongue-twistingly alliterative name I very much enjoy saying. Papier Plume Peacock.

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6 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Papier Plume Peacock

  1. “Then I saw her face (doo doo, doo doo), Now I’m a penabler”.
    Another great ink and another great review. The limerick might need a bit of work though:)

    The nice lady from Fountain Pen Follies,
    Was fed up with grey skies and brollies,
    But a new peacock ink,
    Brought her back from the brink,
    And her posts remind us what LOL is.


  2. I love turquoise inks. I like blue leaning turquoise, and green leaning ones too. It is a cheerful color, and I have a turquoise in one of my pens right now. Most sample sizes don’t give you quite enough to test adequately if you like them, but aren’t quite sure. I like to try in at least two pens, or three. Some inks you know right off the bat aren’t going to work for you on the color. One of the first 3 inks I ever bought was J. Herbin-Bleu Pervenche. It tends to have a little spread, but runs great in the finest of pens. I think it may have similar qualities to what you are describing. I have no shortage of turquoise around here…lol. I have never tried any Papier Plume inks. Because of this blog I have two 15ml bottles, and one 4ml sample on the way.

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