KWZ Rotten Green Ink Giveaway

KWZ Rotten Green

My friends at KWZ Ink are joining with me to give away this bottle of KWZ Rotten Green. It’s a very dark green that as you can see above looks near black in some situations. Rotten Green is really great, and definitely not-rotten: in fact, it’s one of my favorite KWZ inks. There’s a review here if you want to check it out.

To enter to win the bottle of Rotten Green, just leave a comment below. Any comment is fine, but I’d love to hear about your favorite KWZ ink or the KWZ ink you’d most like to try.

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere. You can also enter on the Fountain Pen Follies Instagram, but only one entry per person on each platform is allowed. (Once here and also once, if you like, on Instagram.) I will randomly select the winner sometime on April 15, using a random number generator, and post the lucky winner’s name here on the blog. So be sure to check back then, because once announced, the winner will need to contact me with mailing address by April 22 to claim the prize.

17 thoughts on “KWZ Rotten Green Ink Giveaway

  1. My husband really wants a very dark green ink that won’t dry up in the fine nib of his Vanishing Point (like Private Reserve GreenBlack tends to do). KWZ inks aren’t available here, and it would be great to get the opportunity to try one! Thank you for the competition.


  2. I’m just thinking about placing an order for some KWZ inks, and would love to try IG Red #3 and IG Turquoise. Thanks for the opportunity with this giveaway!

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  3. I really enjoy KWZ Iron Gall Turqouise. I am still experimenting with it in different pens. I look forward to trying other iron gall inks.

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  4. At work, I have to write on paper that is so bad it’s almost like writing on newsprint or toilet paper. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well KWZI IG Blue-Black behaves in this hostile environment. There is bleed-through and a bit of feathering, of course, but quite acceptable under the circumstances. And watching the ink change colors adds a small bit of interest to my otherwise soul-destroying day.

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  5. My favorite KWZ ink is Honey because it is the same color as my beloved cat’s fur and the color really looks like honey. Thank you for the giveaway. Rotten Green is a beauty as well which I have only enjoyed as a sample.

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  6. I’ve never tried this ink. Green is my favorite color. I like the med-darker spectrum of green the best though. My favorite KWZ is probably no surprise to anyone here, it is GRAPEFRUIT. I don’t mind the name Rotten Green, and it looks like a green I would enjoy very much! As long as the ink is pretty, the name is secondary! 🙂

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