Ink Review: Robert Oster Bondi Blue

Robert Oster Bondi Blue writing sample

Robert Oster Bondi Blue.  This is a cheerful shade of medium blue with good shading and sheen, and good behavior in the pen, that I enjoyed using very much.

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3 thoughts on “Ink Review: Robert Oster Bondi Blue

  1. Yes, I like the fact some of them have very small bottles to try. I bought some 30ml bottles straight from Diamine, and it was cheaper than buying them here. Even smaller bottles to try out, is even better. Some sample bottles hold so little in there, that you can’t get a good idea of whether you like it, or even if you can fill it properly. (unless you break out the handy dandy blunt tip syringe)

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  2. Great review once again. For some reason I’m drawn to photos of Fire and Ice more. I already have ink in this color range, so it won’t be a buy for me. But I still really enjoyed reading about this. I love to hear about good inks regardless. I can recommend it for someone to consider. Two of my favorite blue behaving inks are Diamine-Asa Blue, and Diamine-Midnight. Of course Midnight is NOT in this color range. Anyway I have them in 30ml bottles.

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    1. I love Diamine for the reasonable prices and the 30 ml bottles! J. Herbin and Papier Plume sell even smaller bottles, too, if you want. Pelikan and Kaweco and J. Herbin all use 30 ml bottles as their standard size. Montblanc did for the limited editions. Now Pilot Iroshizuku has the small bottles, too. And Seitz-Keuznach. And probably others I’m forgetting. 🙂 With at least some of the fountain pen and ink market being enthusiast-oriented, it’s a great idea.

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