Song of the Day, Part Five: Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive

Because I was challenged by my friend Diane at Ladies Who Lunch blog, for this Song A Day Challenge, I’m supposed to post the lyrics of a favorite song for five days in a row, and explain what the song lyrics mean to me.

This fills both the “seventies slot,” and the “disco slot.” I really wanted a hip-hop slot, but I try to keep the blog suitable for work. Because what should my readers be doing on the job other than reading Fountain Pen Follies?

I am sure I don’t need to explain this one. It’s an all-time classic disco hit, from 1978. They even play it at the end of the movie The Martian, and let me tell you, it fits there.

This is my favorite video of this song. Gloria Gaynor looks so classy and grown-up, like she just wandered from a nicer party into this television dance show. And I love her band and their outfits. Requiem for the powder blue suit. But more than anything, this video makes me wonder, Why can’t I have backup singers and a horn section following me around? Everything would be better with that.

Well here are the lyrics, at least the start. I’m just going to play the song instead.

At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong,
And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along.

And so you’re back from outer space.
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face.
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I had known for just one second you’d be back to bother me.

Go on now, go. Walk out the door.
Just turn around now ’cause you’re not welcome anymore.
Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye?
Did you think I’d crumble?
Did you think I’d lay down and die?

Oh, no, not I!
I will survive.
Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.
I’ve got all my life to live.
I’ve got all my love to give.
And I’ll survive,
I will survive, hey, hey.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day, Part Five: Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive

  1. That song was such a great one to dance to, I agree. It also showed strength and hope. Lessons learned once, the hard way, never to be repeated. That song meant a lot to me, in more ways than one!

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