Ink Snippet: Robert Oster Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice is a little exciting for me: I’ve been hearing a lot about this ink from friends for the last few weeks, so it’s fun to try it. Word is that it has nice sheen.

But the truth is, I don’t really go gaga for sheen. Fire and Ice also has a nice color, and the name is nicely Game of Thrones-y, so that’s more why I inked it up. I put it in my blue Aurora Optima with a broad nib.

Now, I’m not a sheen person. But look at the red dye on the Optima’s ebonite feed and the end of the section, and then look at the teal ink in the Optima’s ink window. That red dye tells me something unusual is going on with this teal ink. Also: Fire and Ice, huh? I like that.

Robert Oster Fire and Ice with Aurora Optima

Again, I’m not a sheen person. But here’s what I see on Tomoe River paper.

Robert Oster Fire and Ice writing sample

To me, that’s a good amount of sheen. It’s more than I usually see.

Robert Oster Fire and Ice writing sample

It’s always good fun when you get red sheen with a teal ink.

Robert Oster Fire and Ice writing sample

Tomoe River paper is the only paper I really use that brings out a lot of sheen. But I see a lesser amount of sheen even on Rhodia. Look at how the “i” in Optima looks different — that’s the red sheen, right there.

Robert Oster Fire and Ice writing sample

I may not be a sheen-chaser. But I see sheen with Fire and Ice, and I like the sheen I see. I do happen to be big fan of shading, and Fire and Ice has really nice shading, too. So far I give Fire and Ice a big thumbs up. It reminds me of a favorite ink, J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor, except without gold particles and with perhaps less sheen.

I want to add, however, that some of my friends have bought bottles, and aren’t as delighted as I am. To them it’s more a “nice ink,” while to me it’s a “very nice ink.” It’s possible that my sample has more sheen than they see in their bottles. My Auorora Optima broad nib is no paintbrush, but it’s fairly wet — perhaps it’s wetter than their pens. It’s also possible that they expected and wanted a super high level of sheen, ala Emerald of Chivor. As always, everyone’s experience will vary.

6 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Robert Oster Fire and Ice

  1. I’ve been playing with the ink a bit and so far I really like the bottle. Although I am not a total fan of the bottles, they do work fine as long as I keep a hand on them.

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  2. It looks like a lovely ink. I had wanted to try this one too. I already have Emerald of Chivor, and I have Deep Sea. (by Oster) I could’ve sworn that Deep Sea also reminded me of Emerald of Chivor as well. I like sheen but my main thing is shading too. The darker the contrast, the better I like it. I have teals, so you might’ve saved me from buying a sample. I thought it was more blue. Oster does have some really nice ink. I’m sure I will get another one in the future.

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    1. It is lovely!

      I’m not sure of the color category, so maybe my calling it teal is misleading, a little. Two friends and I were discussing that question the other day. I consider it more teal or aqua, and not turquoise, because it’s greener in my pen, on my papers. However, my swabbed swatches of Fire and Ice make it look bluer than it does when written with. Whatever it is, it’s a category straddler.

      I do have a sample of Deep Sea, and have not inked it yet, but looking at the swatches, Deep Sea looks much greener than Fire and Ice. I’ll only know for sure when I can use it in pens.

      Oster inks offer such a tempting palette of blues, greens and blue-greens, don’t they? Which all look tantalizingly similar yet different. Sampling is required, I think, for me, and I can’t wait to dive in. Which is an awesome though inadvertent pun on the names of some of these inks. So I need to end on that!

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    1. Yes, much talked-about is right! All of a sudden everyone I knew was getting this ink!

      I have to say I was wary, because I’m very Public Enemy (Don’t Believe the Hype) about most things fountain pen and ink. But I really enjoy it so far. Now, don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t yet offered to shovel the snow or take out the dogs, so it’s just a really nice ink, not a miracle worker. But I love really nice inks.

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