Ink Dips: Lamy Black Ink


Ink Dips is a more casual, laid-back ink evaluation than is normal here at Fountain Pen Follies. Instead of carefully evaluating an ink I’m interested in, the point of Ink Dips is to blindly pick an ink sample from a box of the set-aside  or soporific. Then I fill that sample in one pen and see what I think. It’s an inky experiment that’s a bit dippy.

Lamy Black. This was a surprising black ink, very dark, very lubricated and wet-writing. It’s a boldface black ink. It may be a good choice for those who seek “the blackest black” but also want to use a low-maintenance brand of ink.

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4 thoughts on “Ink Dips: Lamy Black Ink

  1. I enjoyed the review. I have not tried this black before. It does look quite dark to me. But I don’t need another black at this time. I liked to hear about the line width, that is very important to know. I like Aurora Black, and Sailor-Kiwa guro. Aurora-Black and J. Herbin-Perle Noire were about a tie for me. Both very nice, and smooth inks, pretty dark too.

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  2. I’m surprised, too. The Lamy inks I’ve tried (Blue and Green) haven’t been terribly impressive. I wouldn’t have expected this ink to write darker than Aurora’s black, which I’ve always considered one of the deepest black inks.

    I recently purchased a lot of six inks on the cheap, and one of them is a large bottle of Lamy black: I must investigate. Thanks for the demonstration!

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