Ink Snippet: Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-Mokusei

Sailor Kin-Mokusei writing samples

Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-Mokusei. This is a bright and shiny orange ink with beautiful shading, and a yellow tint that makes for a lovely color, but does make Kin-Mokusei best suited to wider nibs.

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6 thoughts on “Ink Snippet: Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-Mokusei

  1. Such a lovely color, it is to bad it doesn’t work well in finer nibs since that is my nib of choice. I do, however, think it would be lovely for flex writing so I will be picking up some to give it a try. Your reviews really help me get a feel for an ink and if it will work for me. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  2. Great review! It looks like a fun and lovely ink! I missed the boat on Apricot, so I will pick up a bottle of this. If it’s not identical, it looks pretty darn close. 🙂 I normally love Yu Yake, but compared to this one, it looks rather dull LOL! Will you be reviewing the other colours from the lineup? I’ve got to get a bottle of the Sakura and compare it to Jentle Peche. I pretty much want all of the colours hahha

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    1. The only other one I bought early was Irori, and I will review that soon. (It was a lot more expensive to buy from Japan, so I only could spring for three.) Sakura is on my list to purchase, and the light blue is a maybe.

      I remember you love Peche! It was a beautiful shade of pink, but is it terrible to say that I’m hoping the Sakura is just a smidge darker? 🙂


  3. I really enjoy your “posts.” Have you done a “review” of Sailor Jentte Four Seasons Irori? I am considering it now and would like to have your opinion.

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    1. Thank you. Irori is next in line. I’m aiming for this week. In short, it’s a very cheery ink, a red that sometimes looks like it has a pink or orange tint. (I have yet to do a chroma to be sure.) Irori has next to no shading, so it’s very legible, even from that Sailor fine nib. Fun color, a little wild.


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