Scribbles and Scratches

Sailor Kin-Mokusei writing sample

Of course you can’t read that, but that scribble is meant to say “Sailor Kin-Mokusei,” and it’s on the edge of a scrap of paper I found this weekend as I started to put together a review of Kin-Mokusei ink. I dug out a little photo, blew up the relevant part, and here it is.

The orange Kin-Moksei is one of the eight Sailor Jentle Four Seasons inks that are soon to arrive in stores outside Japan. The brown-green ink you can glimpse just above Kin-Mokusei is Rikyu-Cha, which is another.

I know it’s not a proper photo, but that’s okay for me, because this scrap of image shows why I love Kin-Mokusei.  It’s a bright and shiny yellow-orange with lovely shading. It looks happy and exuberant, but also organic. For a bright ink, it’s actually subtle.

I will write a proper review with proper photographs and perhaps words that make sense. It’s just that those take time. And we had the Cubs. The cross country meet. The sun coming out for two whole days in a row. So much good.

But this scrap reminds me of something good, too. To take the time to enjoy the little things you come across unexpectedly — the scraps and scribbles, the unplanned encounters, the song you hear on the radio, the wrong turns leading somewhere interesting. Anything that makes you smile, or gives you an “aha” moment.

Even if it’s just a little scribble of ink. After all, that’s why we love this silly stuff.


6 thoughts on “Scribbles and Scratches

  1. That’s one of the two inks that never showed up from a Japanese seller who shall remain nameless. This and waka uguisu. I can wait on those from other sources once they are released though. Loving the look of this one. I’ve only got a dribble of Diamine Blaze Orange and some Noodler’s Apache Sunset to compare, but kin mokusei is looking like a winner!

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