Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput Fireblue, Kaweco Liliput Stainless Steel and Kaweco Supra

Kaweco Liliputs and Kaweco Supra

Here’s a look at three metal fountain pens at opposite ends of the size spectrum from Kaweco — two Liliputs and a Supra. The Kaweco Liliput is a mini-fountain pen even smaller than the Kaweco Sport, while the new Supra is an expandable super-sized version of the Liliput.

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7 thoughts on “Pen Review: Kaweco Liliput Fireblue, Kaweco Liliput Stainless Steel and Kaweco Supra

  1. Having initially discounted it, I might have to think again about the Supra!

    Re the question of a converter in a Liliput, even if you could find one that fitted, I think it would hold so little ink as to not be worth bothering (I have two, one brass and one copper).

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  2. I think the Liliput would be a bit small for me. I have a Skyline Sport, and it feels like a feather compared to my other pens. Of all the Kaweco pens I’ve tried, the Dia2 is my favorite. I have not tried a Liliput nor a Supra though, at least not yet. The only way I’d see one in person is if I drove a few hours away. There are no pen stores around me, not even close. I think a retro clip like the Dia2 has, with the fireblue Supra would be fantastic. I know, they don’t have them yet. πŸ™‚

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    1. Sounds like a road trip is in order. Fun! πŸ™‚ I have a Dia2, and I agree it’s excellent, with a beautiful clip. I think you might like the AL-Sport, which weighs around 20 grams, but isn’t as thin as the Liliput (and can take a clip, I believe). I have some AL-Sport reviews on the blog, and also a dual review of the Dia2 that I did with a friend.


  3. Laura, you my dear are a major enabler…lol. I love the look of all the pens, especially the fireblue finish. I have read they aren’t as pretty in person, as the photos might suggest. Do you find that to be true? Is the section more narrow than the Dia2? I love clips on my pens, and none of come with one it seems. Yes, I know you can buy one. At that price, you should get one with it. (and a converter too) I like the retro clip of the Dia2. That is by far their best looking clip. Will it fit on these pens? Sorry for so many questions.

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    1. I personally think the Fireblue looks better in person. I know that doesn’t help. πŸ˜€ Maybe wait till you could see one in person?

      I don’t think the Liliput has an add-on clip. And I didn’t check whether the Sport clip fits. To me the Liliput is more of a purse or pocket pen so no clip is the way I’d go. The AL-Sport might be better if you want a clip because you could use that both ways.

      I’m not sure about the Liliput and a converter. It’s not recommended, but it’s possible one could try the Kaweco silicone squeeze converter. This wasn’t my pen, so I didn’t. πŸ™‚


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