Problem Solving, With the Very Large Array

pen cups

There are good problems to have, of course, and having too many fountain pens inked is probably one of them. I’ve been looking at a lot of new-to-me inks, so I can’t complain if that requires a lot of pens. And in there is one awesome Platinum pen I’m going to be giving away. But I still had the small issue of where to put all those pens.

Last time I confronted this, I went for a temporary solution: I ejected a rollerball from the pen cup, and moved the fountain pens around like puzzle pieces until they all fit. Not ideal, but a workable quick fix. “You go, girl.”

However, one new ink led to another, and another led to a third, and so on. Before you could say “J. Herbin,” I was over-penned once again. This time, there were no more squeezes possible, and nothing to do but add another pen cup to the lineup. And not a pretty one, either. “Le sigh.”

But it’s all in how you look at things, right?  So I shall look at my pen cuppage not as excess, but as a small tribute to the Very Large Array, which uses 27 movable radio telescopes to explore the universe.

And I mean, even the number 27 is inspiring.  When I think how many pens would fit into 27 pen cups….

“You go, girl!”

6 thoughts on “Problem Solving, With the Very Large Array

  1. I love that the aesthetic of the pens match the cups they’re in. The very modern safaris in the muji and the more traditional looking pens in michael’s lovely leather pen cup with the italic script! (it is michael63’s isn’t it?)

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  2. I was wondering how you were going to connect fountain pens and writing to the VLA. 🙂 As I added more pens to my collection, I had a similar problem of not knowing where to put everything. I keep the ones I’m actively using in a smaller pen case that I carry to and from work, which helps me limit how many are inked up, and the rest go in a larger case that stays at home. I try to rotate some of the pens in and out, but I do have my favorites and some of the cheaper pens aren’t that great, so it’s a kind of limited rotation. However, I do know what you mean about trying to stuff pens into a cup — all of my non-fountain pens, pencils, and stuff are kind of squeezed into a large mug right now. 😉

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    1. I think there’s an analogy possible between those telescopes exploring the universe and my pens exploring the universe of ink. Luckily, I refrained. Or Jon would be adding “delusions of grandeur” to the list of symptoms he’s wisely compiling. 🙂


  3. This can only end up as a series on A&E. With social workers and psychiatrists and threats of city officials condemning the property.

    I like it. And it gave me an idea…

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