Ink Review: KWZ Rotten Green

KWZ Rotten Green Writing Samples

KWZ Rotten Green. There’s nothing rotten about this one, other than the name. KWZ Rotten Green is a very dark green that is especially nice with extra-fine and fine nibs, and cleans up in a flash.

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10 thoughts on “Ink Review: KWZ Rotten Green

  1. Philip, Vanness Pens does samples of the KWZ inks, so that’s a great idea if you are in the US. (I buy samples from them.) Vanness also sells the full bottles. Great people. If you aren’t in the US, I would contact KWZ directly to order samples. They are wonderful people, too. If you like blue inks at all, throw in a sample of KWZ IG Blue #5, which I think is fabulous. If I had a list of my top ten inks, IG Blue #5 would be on there.

    Before buying a full bottle of Alt-GodgrΓΌn, you may want to try a sample of the new Sailor Waka-Uguisu. I did a review of Waka-Uguisu recently, and I think it’s drop-dead gorgeous. (You may still prefer the R&K ink, but it’s worth trying.)

    J. Herbin Vert Empire? For a more neutral green-gray sort of ink? You could sample that, too.

    Um, yeah, I know what you mean about green inks. They multiply. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Laura. I bought my KWZ inks from VanNess but I didn’t know they did samples (I have samples from Goulet, which are great, but they don’t carry KWZ). When I look at reviews online I kind of start wanting everything, but once I have samples it is quite clear which inks will and will not work for me, and quite a relief how the latter is clearly the majority! Samples is the way to go!

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  2. OK I have decided that I cannot live without KWZ Rifle Green and one of either Foggy or Rotten Green, but how would I choose between those two? Also any notes on how the KWZ “murky greens” compare to Diamine’s Salamander?

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    1. I’m still trying to figure out which to go for, between Rotten Green and Foggy Green, which I reviewed back in January. I think I’d probably pick Foggy Green, just because it’s a little lighter and thus a little more distinct from Sailor Miruai. But I think they are all winners. It’s a color range I really enjoy.

      In my opinion, Diamine Salamander is closer to KWZ Iron Gall Green Gold, which I reviewed this year, too, and really like (even more than the Diamine). Diamine Salamander and KWZ Iron Gall Green Gold are more yellow greens, more earthy in feel. Rotten Green and Foggy Green are closer to Diamine Green/Black, Diamine Sherwood Green or Sailor Miruai, in being bluer and darker.

      And thanks for the tip about KWZ Rifle Green. I’d never heard of it, but now I have to see if I can get a sample. πŸ™‚


      1. Thanks Laura, although I think I’m even more bewildered now! I already have the KWZ IG Greens #1 (Teal, I chose this over their popular Turquoise), which I’m guessing might be in the Miruai/Foggy/Rotten range (?), and IG Green #4, which I was hoping would be Salamander but seems to be closer to Diamine Evergreen maybe? Anyway I am using the #4 as my daily writer (having sworn never to write in green – inks are sneaky things, huh?) and am very happy with it, but I still keep itching for something more neutral. I also have the KWZ Honey, which has gorgeous shading although it seems more suited to sketching than handwriting, and a Goulet sample of Rohrer & Klingner AltGoldGrun, ditto (such a lovely combo with the Honey I’m thinking I must buy a full bottle, even if not for writing with!) so IG GreenGold seems unnecessary.
        Do you know anywhere that does samples of the KWZ inks? Maybe “Try before you buy” and sample all four “Murky Greens” would be best!

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  3. This is another great ink for everyday writing that is unusual enough if you want your writing to stand out, but still easy to read and not too outlandish. A subtle delight πŸ˜›

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