A Peek at the Pen Cup: This Week the Pen Cup Runneth Over

pen cup

It is pure chaos right now at Fountain Pen Follies. That cup is so full of pens I was sure I couldn’t fit even one more.

But I needed to, because, unable to bear the suspense any longer, I opened the world’s best ink bottle and filled a Pelikan with Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue.

So imagine one more Pelikan, jammed into the last empty spot, right in front.

pens in pen cup

This pen cup is now filled wall-to-wall.

What’s taking up all the room? There’s a rollerball. Also the Parker 51 and the charcoal Lamy Safari that are my everyday pens. Every other pen in there is for an ink review or other ink post that I’m working on. Except the pen that’s in there for a pen review I’m working on.

A bunch of Pelikans. A bunch of Lamy Safaris and a Vista. An Edison. Two Montblancs. A Platinum. All fantastic. Except, this is so overstuffed. I need to go on a pen diet. Or start cranking out content faster.

Or I suppose I could just move the rollerball….

9 thoughts on “A Peek at the Pen Cup: This Week the Pen Cup Runneth Over

    1. I do like it, very much, as a standard blue ink that I use for work and everyday writing. It’s a color that’s easy to read even from an extra-fine nib, and the ink is easy to clean from pens. It’s a workhorse for me. But it’s not an unusual or spectacular color, not an ink that makes a statement or a splash. πŸ™‚


        1. This is so true! I was misled just recently with Cobalt Blue’s stablemate, Midnight Blue, which looks different in some pens than I’d seen on the internet. (Ah well, it’s still nice. And I’m going to review that as soon as I can find the time.)


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