Has Lamy Gone Too Green?


I am afraid the Complaint Department is going to be open today. I had a dentist appointment just before writing this, so you’ll have to pardon me if I’m in the mood to grouse.

Here’s what is nagging at me: With the recent arrival of the Charged Green Lamy Al-Star, it seems that four out of my fifteen Al-Stars are some shade of green.  Look at that.

There’s one blue.  Three silvers — that lovely lilac in tenth position was called “Ice Blue,” but I consider it a silver.  But even if you classify Ice Blue as a blue, there are only two blues.  There are three in the red family, if like me you consider “Dark Purple” to be a burgundy; otherwise two in the red family. But four greens. And all unusual greens, too.  Not even a British Racing Green.

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7 thoughts on “Has Lamy Gone Too Green?

  1. YES!! Agree with you wholeheartedly. I’m sick to death of all the green, although, Savannah Green would be amazing!! When I saw that Anderson pens had some vintage Safaris in Savannah Green, I was drooling all over the place. I think fans would love to see those two original colours reissued in a special edition. The original packaging is awesome too!
    That ‘Dark Purple” AL Star is NOT purple. It’s wine/burgundy coloured. I want a TRUE dark grape coloured Al Star (basically, the colour of the new Dark Lilac), and I wants it nowwww! LOL 😉 I am greedy and want a lavender one too. 😀
    Fortunately, I am not one of those folks who purchases every Al-Star or Safari when they come out, (my last purchase was the Blue-Green) so my wallet has been safe from the colourways that Lamy has been churning out as of late. I have to really love the colour to grab one. I personally prefer the Al-Stars over the Safaris, however, with the new Dark Lilac coming out, I’ll be picking up one of those 🙂
    Do they really sell that well to have so many neon/greens? I walked into a brick and mortar and saw a LOT of neon greens (and maybe yellows – not sure, but there were a lot of them) – far more than any of the other colours.
    They must sell well, otherwise, why would they keep churning them out?

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    1. I remember seeing a lot of Neon Yellow and Neon Lime lingering in US online stores, even being sold at a discount. On the other hand, Apple Green was popular here.

      Perhaps the neons and greens are big in Europe? Like Jerry Lewis is considered a comic genius in France. 🙂


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