Pen of the Day: Pelikan 400


Pelikan 400 with oblique double broad nib. I prefer modern pens to vintage. I like fine and extra-fine nibs, and I like nail-like nibs that let me quickly scrawl across the page. I admit that I’ve never loved Pelikan’s traditional green stripes.

So here we have a vintage green-striped Pelikan, with a very wide, wet nib that flexes.  And of course, it’s a favorite.

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4 thoughts on “Pen of the Day: Pelikan 400

  1. In the last month, I’ve acquired not one but three 400s: green and tortoiseshell models from the 50s, and a tortoise M400 from the 80s. My experience with the 140 wasn’t good, it just felt small to me. I thought the only difference between the 400 and 140 was the cap and knob shape.

    How wrong I was. I think the Pelikan 400 comes close to being the perfect pen design: shape, balance, and weight are sublime, at least in my hand. The pen is light, yet feels like a tank. And oh those old Pelikan nibs…volumes have been written, and rightly so.

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  2. Have you tried googling the name, like you did with the person who signed that old postcard from Chicago from the democratic convention?


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